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Prescription Drug Abuse is a Growing Problem for College Students

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Prescription Drug Abuse is a Growing Problem for College Students Part of being in college is learning to meet challenging deadlines. Learning to focus and study is critical to successful graduation. College is also a time when boundaries are tested and new experiences are sought. Stressful and challenging workloads coupled with little practice at time

Legal Stimulant Abuse

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Legal Stimulant Abuse In the Washington Post there was an article about the disturbing increasing rates of Ritalin and Adderall use by college students. It is suggested that late night study habits have produced the need for stimulants to assist with students staying awake. There may be a possibility that these drugs aren’t just being

Heroin Addiction Acts As Substitute for Prescription Drugs

Heron addiction is once again on the rise and believed to be so as it is a cheaper substitute to prescription drugs like OxyContin, Percocet and Vicodin.

Addiction to Synthetic Drugs on the Rise

Although they are legal to purchased both in stores and on the internet synthetic drugs are just as dangerous as illegal street drugs such as heroin and cocaine.

Easy Access Makes Prescription Painkillers Drug Of Choice

Prescription drugs are quickly becoming the drug of choice among young adults partly because they are easy to get a hold of partly because of the increasing potency of the them.

Dealing with Opiate Addiction in Grand Rapids, Michigan

In Grand Rapids, Michigan so many people are in need of drug rehab for opiate addiction that it is putting a strain on the budget that the state had allocated to help individuals overcome addiction

Heroin Use On The Rise In Erie, Pennsylvania Area

Heroin Use On The Rise In Erie, Pennsylvania Area In the Erie region of Pennsylvania heroin abuse is once again on the rise. Packages that consist of one dose of heroin are now being sold between $20-$35. Experts report that younger people are now becoming more involved with the distribution and use of heroin.  In

Painkillers Addiction Literally Killing In Portsmouth, Ohio

In Portsmouth, Ohio addiction to prescription drugs has grown so rapidly that amount of deaths caused by overdose has exceeded the number of deaths caused by car accidents. The state of Ohio as well as the Obama administration are in the process of taking actions to help those addicted to prescription medication and help get control of the growing problem.