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Addiction to Synthetic Drugs on the Rise

Although they are legal to purchased both in stores and on the internet synthetic drugs are just as dangerous as illegal street drugs such as heroin and cocaine.

Who Says Marijuana isn’t Dangerous?

Skunk marijuana in the southeast is becoming so strong it is not being classified as a class B drug leaving many who abuse the potent marijuana seeking out professional help through addiction treatment.

Sen. Charles Schumer Fighting Western, New York Prescription Addiction

Western, New York is experiencing an epidemic with prescription drugs. Sen. Charles Schlumer is in the process of taking steps to try to control the amount of prescription drug abuse that is occurring in Western, New York. He is trying to enforce laws with stricter penalties to those caught illegally distributing painkillers.

Staten Island Legend Murdered While Going out to Buy Marijuana in Staten Island, NY

DJ Megatron was on his way to pick up some marijuana in the early morning in the Staten Island, NY area when he was the victim of a senseless murder. DJ Megatron was a loving father and well respected man in his community who was well known for giving back.