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What Are the Most Addictive Drugs?

young woman on stairs with folded hands at her chin reflecting on which drugs are the most addictive

Drug addiction, whatever its form, is a serious condition that requires professional treatment. However, many people are curious to know which drugs are the most addictive. Although no two individuals or their addictions are alike, there are certainly some addictive drugs that have a stronger hold on their users than others. Crack Cocaine Arguably the

An Old Drug May Serve A New Purpose For Cocaine Addiction

Proppanolo is being used in research to help with cocaine addiction as it is believed it will affects the same part of the brain as cocaine which is responsible for triggering a persons feeling of reward

Addiction to Synthetic Drugs on the Rise

Although they are legal to purchased both in stores and on the internet synthetic drugs are just as dangerous as illegal street drugs such as heroin and cocaine.

One More Reason Not to Use Cocaine

As if cocaine wasn’t bad enough now it can cause a condition called purpura which are areas of dead skin that are crusty, purplish in color, extremely painful and capable of causing bad infections. The reason why cocaine is causing purpura is that it is commonly contaminated with levamisole, a de-worming drug that is used

Dealing with Opiate Addiction in Grand Rapids, Michigan

In Grand Rapids, Michigan so many people are in need of drug rehab for opiate addiction that it is putting a strain on the budget that the state had allocated to help individuals overcome addiction

Staten Island Legend Murdered While Going out to Buy Marijuana in Staten Island, NY

DJ Megatron was on his way to pick up some marijuana in the early morning in the Staten Island, NY area when he was the victim of a senseless murder. DJ Megatron was a loving father and well respected man in his community who was well known for giving back.

Doctors Don’t Know Everything about Pain Pills

Without hep moderating prescription drugs addiction can settle in very fast. Most who suffer from chronic pain end up going to see a primary care physician and get prescribed some sort of prescription medication to alleviate their pain. If not watched closely prescription medication can quickly turn into an addiction.