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Unsafe Sex and Alcohol Consumption

closeup of man unbuckling belt with blurry naked women in bed in the background

Unsafe Sex and Alcohol Consumption Recently there have been many studies in the news about the correlation of unsafe sex and alcohol. Studies say that it has already been established that alcohol does lower inhibitions and clouds your decision making process. Researchers want to narrow down the wide range of misjudgments made by those under

Everyone Recognized My Addiction But Me

Looking back on my addiction, while I appreciate all of the people who pleaded with me to get help I know that I had to realize what addiction was doing to me and want to get help if I had any chance of getting sober.

National Recovery Month Beats Addiction By Example

September is National Recovery month. During the month of September there are gatherings and functions around the entire country that have the sole purpose of educating the public about the dangers of addiction.

Coping with Depression and Addiction

If dual diagnosed with depression and addiction an addiction treatment center that specializes in treating individuals who struggle with dual diagnosis will be able to treat each disease independently giving the client the best chance at achieving long term sobriety.

Dealing with Opiate Addiction in Grand Rapids, Michigan

In Grand Rapids, Michigan so many people are in need of drug rehab for opiate addiction that it is putting a strain on the budget that the state had allocated to help individuals overcome addiction

Living Free of Addiction in the Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania

While the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania are beautiful and luxurious there are still those who suffer from drug addiction and alcohol abuse. Many have found it beneficial to leave there home town to avoid distraction and focus all of their energy on overcoming their addiction.