How Can I Help Someone Who Is Going Through Withdrawal?

hands reaching out comforting someone going through withdrawal

Withdrawal can undoubtedly be the ugliest part of the addiction and recovery cycle. It can be emotionally and physically excruciating for the individual experiencing it. However, even for loved ones, it can be just as challenging and heartbreaking to watch. Fortunately, most withdrawal processes are not life-threatening. With appropriate supervision and monitoring, peak symptoms often

How Fast Can You Get Addicted To Heroin?

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America has a devastating opioid problem, and heroin rates continue to rise every year, with about a million people using it in the past year. Heroin, of course, has its distinct, life-threatening risks. Every use results in potentially fatal consequences. Furthermore, as more and more drug dealers lace heroin with harder, cheaper substances like fentanyl,

How Can You Tell if Someone is Abusing Drugs?

young man in hoodie sitting on ledge demonstrating signs of drug abuse

Drug addiction is not only dangerous for the person who is struggling with it, but for those around them. It can be challenging to understand and deal with someone who is addicted to drugs – especially if you’re not confident that they’re dealing with a drug problem. Because of the way that many struggling addicts

How Bad Is Heroin Withdrawal?

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If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably heard some of the nightmare stories regarding heroin withdrawal. Heroin withdrawal is commonly believed to be among the most uncomfortable of drug withdrawals, and there is a good reason that people believe this. While heroin withdrawal will rarely kill you, unlike the withdrawal from certain GABAergic drugs like