Is Suboxone Just As Addictive As Heroin?

suboxone a prescription narcotic as addictive as heroin

There is no doubt that we are in the midst of a devastating heroin epidemic. Every day, opioid overdoses are responsible for more than 130 deaths across America. These overdoses are destroying families and ravaging entire communities. They are ruthless and terrifying. Nobody is immune to these horrifying statistics, and people of all ages and

How Can I Help Someone Who Is Going Through Withdrawal?

hands reaching out comforting someone going through withdrawal

Withdrawal can undoubtedly be the ugliest part of the addiction and recovery cycle. It can be emotionally and physically excruciating for the individual experiencing it. However, even for loved ones, it can be just as challenging and heartbreaking to watch. Fortunately, most withdrawal processes are not life-threatening. With appropriate supervision and monitoring, peak symptoms often

How Fast Can You Get Addicted To Heroin?

man looking out at cityscape thinking about ease of getting addicted to heroin

America has a devastating opioid problem, and heroin rates continue to rise every year, with about a million people using it in the past year. Heroin, of course, has its distinct, life-threatening risks. Every use results in potentially fatal consequences. Furthermore, as more and more drug dealers lace heroin with harder, cheaper substances like fentanyl,

How Can You Tell If Someone Has Relapsed On Drugs?

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It’s your greatest fear. It’s a living nightmare, and it’s a nightmare that keeps you anxious, hypervigilant, and even obsessed. Watching loved ones struggle with an addiction is one of the hardest experiences you can encounter. There is such a moment of relief when they complete treatment or start to embrace the concepts of sobriety.