Is Suboxone Just As Addictive As Heroin?

suboxone a prescription narcotic as addictive as heroin

There is no doubt that we are in the midst of a devastating heroin epidemic. Every day, opioid overdoses are responsible for more than 130 deaths across America. These overdoses are destroying families and ravaging entire communities. They are ruthless and terrifying. Nobody is immune to these horrifying statistics, and people of all ages and

Can I Go to Medical Detox and Then Back to Work?

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One of the hardest parts of the recovery process is going through withdrawal. For some people in withdrawal from drugs or alcohol, extra help and support are necessary. They may have other health conditions or could have been using for so long that their bodies need those substances to function. Medical detox is available in

12 Step Recommended Programs for Recovery

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Find 12 Step Recovery Programs Near You that Suit Your Needs 12 Step Meetings: Pick your poison! Alcohol Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Young People of Alcoholics Anonymous (YPAA) AA Agnostica AL-Anon Family and friends of alcoholics/addicts Drugs Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Nar –Anon Family and friends of addicts Drug Addicts Anonymous (DAA) Cocaine Anonymous (CA) Heroin Anonymous (HA)

Humble Pie, a Recipe for Addiction Recovery

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Humility has a reputation for a few misconceptions. Some people think humility implies humiliated, liked to the term mortified until they realize “humility” in the context of the serenity prayer, means to accept the things we cannot change, the courage to change the things that we can, and the wisdom to know the difference. When we see ourselves for

Continued Support from the Stepping Stone Alumni Program

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The Stepping Stone team works hard to give patients the best care possible. That commitment to a successful recovery goes well beyond the initial residential rehab. Stepping Stone offers extended care and support through its alumni program. The team of certified recovery coaches wants to make sure that all alumni of the treatment program have

Savannah’s Story – Alumni Spotlight

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Savannah’s Story August 18, 2015 was the day I packed my bags and left my home in Georgia, headed to treatment for my first (and God willing, my last) time. Little did I know, that morning would be the last time I would, to this day, abuse the drugs or alcohol I was so chemically

My Best Days – How It Works for Me – Chef Wendy’s Recipe for Recovery

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The point is, it does work. That saying you hear the group chant at the end of every meeting is true, “It works if you work it!” It works with a unique blend of principles, steps, meetings, service — mix a variety of portions that all come together like a home-made-with-love delicious, and savored meal.

Recipe for Recovery: Dos and Don’ts to Sidestep Disaster

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10 Tales from Chef Karen on Cooking up Trouble Whether you’ve taken the suggestions in the rooms of an anonymous program or you haven’t, you may have a few interesting stories about people who try to “get” and stay sober. Karen Zaccour, our “Chef” for this recipe and Stepping Stone alumna, pours light-hearted humor over

My Journey to Addiction Recovery: Beth M.

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My Journey to Addiction Recovery: Beth M. I grew up in South Jersey, just outside of Philadelphia, in a good family. Drugs and alcohol were not part of my story at a young age, I actually got a pretty late start compared to many other stories that I hear. I just wasn’t exposed to it.