How Do You Get Addicted to Prescription Drugs?

the hands of a doctor with a prescription pad writing a prescription

It’s no doubt a ravaging addiction epidemic is plaguing both large cities and small rural towns across the country. In the past two decades alone, there has been an explosion of prescription drug misuse. Approximately 18 million Americans abuse their prescription medication, with 5,480 people initiating prescription pain reliever use each day. While many people

Facing The Realities Of Ambien Addiction

young woman pulling a white comforter around herself battling ambien addiction

The realities of drug addiction are sometimes harder to face when it involves a drug prescribed by a doctor. Ambien, a sleep aid prescribed by physicians, can easily lead to Ambien addiction even when it’s taken as directed. When you or a loved one are struggling with a prescription drug habit, a professional treatment center is

Drug Use in the Suburbs [Infographic]

drug use in the suburbs infographic

For decades, drug use has been considered an inner-city problem. In reality, however, that trend is changing rapidly. With the legalization of marijuana and the rise of the prescription drug epidemic, drug use in the suburbs is an increasing problem that society can no longer ignore. Most Teen Heroin Users are White Suburban Residents In

Fentanyl and Heroin Overdose Deaths Continue to Rise in Florida

plastic bag full of blue fentanyl tablets

Florida’s substance-use crisis continues unabated. The latest annual figures show that total drug-related deaths in Florida increased by almost 14 percent in 2015 over 2014. Especially alarming are the rising overdose deaths from heroin and fentanyl. Data for 2015 from the Florida Medical Examiners Commission shows that “occurrences of heroin increased by 74.3 percent and

My Journey to Addiction Recovery: David M.

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I grew up in a loving family, with my parents still being married over 40 years later. I was the youngest of three, with two old sisters; one being six years older and the other being 12 years older. Growing up as the youngest, it gave my parents time to establish themselves financially. Financial stability

My Journey to Addiction Recovery: Beth M.

stepping stone center for recovery my recovery journey image

My Journey to Addiction Recovery: Beth M. I grew up in South Jersey, just outside of Philadelphia, in a good family. Drugs and alcohol were not part of my story at a young age, I actually got a pretty late start compared to many other stories that I hear. I just wasn’t exposed to it.

Drug Tolerance, A Hallmark of Addiction

cycle of abuse tolerance graphic featuring human brain

“Tolerance is one of the most obvious effects of abused drugs,” wrote the first director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), Robert Du Pont, in The Selfish Brain. “Most non-users are impressed by how much drug use tolerance permits. They cannot imagine liking the feelings produced by smoking 40 cigarettes a day or

What Is Substance Abuse?

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If you were to answer the question, “what is substance abuse?”, would you point to narcotics such as heroin or cocaine? You’re not alone. There are many who consider these substances to be the drugs that others abuse. However, did you know that this list should also include tobacco, prescription drugs, and alcohol? Understanding a

What Is Drug Abuse and How Can You Overcome It?

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Drug addiction is an epidemic in the United States, and thousands of people are dying each year as a result. The leading causes of overdose deaths in America come from opiates, like heroin or prescription painkillers. However, many other drugs like cocaine and methamphetamines are killing people as well. It can be difficult to understand

How Teen Drug Abuse Affects Families

smiling family with teenagers dealing with teen drug abuse

Addiction affects the whole family, and it’s often more difficult when dealing with teen drug abuse. Whether you’re a parent, close relative or family friend, it’s extremely hard to see a child growing up and turning to drugs. Teens who begin to abuse drugs go through a seemingly illogical transformation and become a shadow of