Understanding Common Dual Diagnosis Disorders [Infographic]

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There is an undeniable link between mental health conditions and substance abuse. While there are many reasons for this, the primary one is that patients self-medicate. Unfortunately, this tends to make things worse. Identifying dual diagnosis disorders can be the key to recovery. Nearly 10 Million People in America Have a Severe Mental Illness Unfortunately,

My Journey to Addiction Recovery: Beth M.

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My Journey to Addiction Recovery: Beth M. I grew up in South Jersey, just outside of Philadelphia, in a good family. Drugs and alcohol were not part of my story at a young age, I actually got a pretty late start compared to many other stories that I hear. I just wasn’t exposed to it.

The Dangers of Polysubstance Abuse

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Using a mixture of drugs on a regular basis is a recipe for disaster. Known as polysubstance abuse, people may be seeking that “perfect” high to alleviate depression, a personality disorder or chronic pain. Depending on the underlying problem, this cocktail of drugs often brings relief from reality and a way to cope with the

Why Addiction Counseling is Important Post Treatment

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Addiction treatment is integral for those wanting to break ties with addiction and experience sobriety. However, merely receiving treatment is not effective for a lifetime. Just like patients recovering from surgery might occasionally need checkups, patients recovering from addiction may occasionally require counseling. Addiction counseling offers a number of benefits for patients battling substance abuse.

Why the Real Work Begins in an Aftercare Program

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It’s often said that getting sober is a lot easier than staying sober, and most people suffering from the disease of addiction know this to be true. Many individuals who come to treatment have either been to treatment before or have tried to get sober on their own. The key to staying sober is following

The Importance of a Support System in Maintaining Sobriety

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The key to maintaining sobriety once treatment is completed by sticking with a support group. While you’re in treatment, you’ll begin to see the value of a support system. Although your one-on-one sessions with a therapist are very beneficial, it’s important to see that you’re not alone in your struggles with addiction. You’ll meet others who

I Went to Rehab for a Drug Addiction, Can I Drink Alcohol?

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Drug addiction is a very cunning disease, and it’s the only disease where the mind doesn’t want you to get better. Whether you were abusing prescription painkillers, benzodiazepines, meth, heroin, cocaine or any other drug, drug addiction affects everyone in the same way. While you’re in treatment, not only will you be receiving different types

When the World’s Anxiety Triggers Your Own

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You don’t need too many speed bumps in life to put your coping skills into overdrive. There are tension and uncertainty from the recent government shutdown. It affected a lot of people directly, in lost wages, lost aid, missed opportunities and that great unknown dread about where we go from here. Add a few other

Coping with Suicide in Recovery

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You spent years numbing yourself from the emotional pain, anger or anxiety. Although you thought using alcohol and drugs was a good way to deal with or rather NOT deal with these feelings, it really wasn’t. Reality showed a completely different picture and it was difficult for everyone around you to watch the chaos. Now

Coping with Anxiety: Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

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You have had a longstanding and unwanted relationship with anxiety. Whenever you felt this paralyzing feeling, you drank or did drugs to find relief. However, the liquid courage or mellow effect you were after brought you nothing but trouble. Now that you are in recovery, you have to look for new and healthier ways to