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The Dangers of Polysubstance Abuse

doctor explaining the dangers of polysubstance abuse as he consoles inquisitive adult male patient

Using a mixture of drugs on a regular basis is a recipe for disaster. Known as polysubstance abuse, people may be seeking that “perfect” high to alleviate depression, a personality disorder or chronic pain. Depending on the underlying problem, this cocktail of drugs often brings relief from reality and a way to cope with the

How Drug Rehab Facilities Work

male counselor answering questions from young couple about how drug rehab facilities work

Prospective patients ready to take the next step and seek addiction treatment often want to know how drug rehab works. In order to be most effective, inpatient therapy is the ideal choice. By taking a closer look at drug rehab facilities, individuals struggling with addiction uncover how rehab prevents relapse from occurring. The Need for

Is There a Way to Find Confidential Help for Alcoholics?

unshaven man with alcoholic drink in front of him and worried look reflecting on alcoholism

Struggling with an alcohol addiction can be incredibly difficult, but you don’t have to go through it alone. Help is available, and detox and rehab programs can give you the tools, resources and skills needed to beat your addiction once and for all. Patients don’t need to sacrifice their privacy in order to seek assistance.

The Never Ending Battle with Addiction

image of a boxer punching in the direction of the camera

Addiction to drugs or alcohol is a never ending battle. Even those who have been able to get clean and sober have to take constant action to ensure that their sobriety is their main priority. Stories told of people getting clean and sober, and then relapsing, are endless. Getting and staying sober is not easy.

Legal Stimulant Abuse

closeup of ritalin capsules

Legal Stimulant Abuse In the Washington Post there was an article about the disturbing increasing rates of Ritalin and Adderall use by college students. It is suggested that late night study habits have produced the need for stimulants to assist with students staying awake. There may be a possibility that these drugs aren’t just being

Addicted Brain Says “Just One More Time”

The University of California, Berkeley have been working studies that are showing that individuals addicted to drugs and alcohol have damaged a part of their brain that allows them to make decisions with reason.