Is There a Way to Find Confidential Help for Alcoholics?

unshaven man with alcoholic drink in front of him and worried look reflecting on alcoholism

Is There a Way to Find Confidential Help for Alcoholics?

Struggling with an alcohol addiction can be incredibly difficult, but you don’t have to go through it alone. Help is available, and detox and rehab programs can give you the tools, resources and skills needed to beat your addiction once and for all. Patients don’t need to sacrifice their privacy in order to seek assistance. These tips make it easier to get confidential help for alcoholics.

Make Contact With Addiction Rehab Specialists 24/7

If you are dealing with alcohol addiction and don’t know where to turn, don’t despair. There are many resources available, and specialists at rehab centers like Stepping Stone Center for Recovery in Jacksonville, Fl. are available around the clock. Prospective patients can call 24 hours a day and 365 days a year to ask questions about treatment, how to get help for alcoholics right away and what they can do to feel better. If you would prefer even more anonymity, it is possible to live chat with a specialist from your phone or computer, an option that gives you the chance to ask key questions and begin planning your journey to sobriety.

Confidentiality Provided in Group and Individual Therapy

In recovery, confidentiality is of the utmost priority. During individual therapy sessions, counselors and psychiatrists operate under the guidelines of client-patient privilege. Just because patients are in rehab, it doesn’t mean that their medical right to privacy is waived in any way. Your history, health and addiction details won’t become public knowledge or be shared among staff. In group therapy, confidentiality is also an integral factor. Patients should feel comfortable opening up about their experiences and emotions, so this process is not be shared without anyone outside of the room. Patients generally understand and acknowledge the sanctity of group therapy, and they respect its confidential nature.

Rehab Centers Away From Home Deliver Increased Privacy and Anonymity

Seeking help for alcoholics doesn’t have to mean risking your anonymity. In some cases, prospective patients may want to attend rehab and complete a detox program, but they are worried about colleagues, peers or neighbors finding out about their struggles. If you are especially concerned about privacy, then it might make sense to attend rehab away from home. For a number of reasons, heading to a place like Florida might be ideal. In addition to the scenery and the warm climate, out-of-state patients will be surrounded by new people and have the opportunity to wipe their slate clean. Even Florida residents may want to consider attending rehab in a new but in-state location. To speak with an addiction specialist confidentially, call 866-957-4960. You’ll have the chance to learn more about Stepping Stone Center for Recovery in Jacksonville, Fl., and you can ask important questions about how to take your life back. Don’t wait: start on your road to recovery today.