PCP Detox Center

PCP Detox Center

PCP Addiction and PCP Detox Center in Jacksonville, FL

pill with white powder spilling out, PCP detox center Jacksonville, FLPCP has been banned for clinical use for decades, and as a result very little research into rates of addiction and dependence exist. If you are addicted to PCP, come get clean at Stepping Stone’s PCP detox center in Jacksonville, FL.

During the last official study, it was discovered that those going through a PCP detox program in Jacksonville, FL or PCP withdrawal treatment experienced symptoms like depression and anxiety ongoing cognitive impairment, and memory loss.

With long-term or heavy use, physical dependence and tolerance are likely, and care is needed to manage PCP withdrawal treatment. Tolerance is due to a buildup of the drug in the system and the need for higher doses to achieve the desired effect. There is also memory loss, intermittent hallucinations, and confusing associated with PCP abuse. Physical symptoms like muscle twitching, seizures, and weight loss are evident. Heavy and long-term users sometimes experience flashbacks to previous binges for years.

The experience of use and after effects depends on the frequency and level of abuse. Low doses of PCP, usually 5 milligrams or less, lead to symptoms like:

  • Mild euphoria and relaxation
  • Agitation and irritability
  • Difficulty concentrating or processing information
  • Numbness in the arms and legs
  • Feelings of unreality, like being in a dream
  • Distortions how time and space are perceived
  • Paranoid thoughts and delusions

The higher the dosage, the more intense these feelings and perceptions. Eventually, social isolation, severe depression, and suicidal thoughts become prominent. This is why treatment and ongoing support are essential during the early stages of a PCP detox program in Jacksonville, FL and PCP withdrawal treatment at a PCP detox center.

Symptoms During PCP Withdrawal Treatment

When use is casual and infrequent, symptoms are normally limited to confusion and body aches that can continue for a few days after the main effects of the drug are gone. PCP abusers will also experience elevated body temperatures, and muscle breakdown or acidosis can occur. PCP withdrawal treatment at a PCP detox center in Jacksonville, FL after  long-term use or binges is more severe and long-lasting.

Unfortunately, this is a drug that isn’t typical for those who undergo voluntary PCP withdrawal treatment. However, those who undergo treatment for other drugs may have used PCP at some point. The high rate of injury and violent, erratic behavior means that a PCP detox program in Jacksonville, FL or PCP withdrawal treatment is entered into during emergency room admissions or after an arrest.

The main consideration during PCP withdrawal treatment in a PCP detox program in Jacksonville, FL at a PCP detox center is dealing with discomfort and managing emotional and mental issues stemming from use. Medical supervision is necessary to monitor vital signs and deal with pain from muscle aches or deterioration. Pulse rates are higher and respiration increases while under the influence and after the drug is discontinued. Preventing seizures is also a concern.

It takes about 48 hours for phencyclidine to leave the system completely, but brain function may be affected for months. Once the initial detox occurs, medications like benzodiazepine are indicated to manage anxiety and depression. Under circumstances where severe psychiatric symptoms appear, antipsychotic medications like phenothiazines are administered. Haloperidol may be used to control twitching muscles and spasms. Doctors will also treat injuries or ongoing health problems associated with PCP use during a PCP detox program in Jacksonville, FL at a PCP detox center.

Therapy In A PCP Detox Program in Jacksonville, FL

In order to prevent relapse, therapy is important to address contributing factors for drug use. This can include individual therapy sessions, diagnosis, and treatment for underlying mental health issues, and group support at an inpatient treatment facility or as an outpatient. The type and duration of PCP withdrawal treatment at a PCP detox center depends on an evaluation at intake, the length, and severity of use, and the patient’s willingness to get help and conquer substance use disorder. There are many treatment options available, and most programs are at least partially covered by health insurance.

Don’t wait to enter a PCP detox program in Jacksonville, FL. Contact Stepping Stone online or call 866.957.4960 to begin PCP withdrawal treatment at our PCP detox center in Jacksonville, FL.