New Drug Tunnel Shut Down

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New Drug Tunnel Shut Down Another tunnel for drug smugglers has been discovered in California, stretching from Mexico several thousand feet under the border to a San Diego warehouse. Homeland Security officials kept the tunnel under surveillance for several weeks before making a move. The tunnel was shut down, three people arrested and marijuana and

Krokodil: Newest Drug Scare or False Alarm?

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Krokodil is the latest drug scare that comes with dire symptoms, but now drug officials are not sure whether the drug is in the United States or not. Krokodil is the opiate desomorphine, a drug homemade in rural Russia as a substitute for heroin, which is scarce there. Russian drug addicts create krokodil by combining

Nicotine Addiction Linked to Pregnancy—Your Mom’s Pregnancy

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Nicotine Addiction Linked to Pregnancy—Your Mom’s Pregnancy For every time you think addiction isn’t complicated, read a story like this. Researchers have linked nicotine addiction in women to their prenatal exposure to stress hormones when their mothers were pregnant. The researchers used information from a study of women’s pregnancy habits, the Collaborative Perinatal Project at

Treating Pain or Enabling Addiction?

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Treating Pain or Enabling Addiction? Painkiller use has skyrocketed in the past decade, but has it made a difference in pain? According to a new study, the number of office visits for pain hasn’t changed.  The government is trying to address the problem with new labeling rules. Can these changes make a difference for people

Deadly Happy Pill Epidemic in Women

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Deadly Happy Pill Epidemic in Women When you think of health risks for women in the United States, the first thing that comes to mind may be cancer. You may not think of prescription drug addiction and overdose, but maybe you should. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that more women died

Breaking Bad: A Glimpse into the World of Crystal Meth

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AMC’s “Breaking Bad” has taken the nation by storm. The show has offers a glimpse into the dark and gritty world of crystal meth. Creator Vince Gilligan created a story and characters that are complex and frightening and crystal meth is at the center of it all. Art Imitating Life From the beginning of the

Brownies Sending Kids to the Hospital?!

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You might have to think twice about letting your kids eat homemade cookies or brownies next time you’re at your grandmother’s house. The number of children being unintentionally poisoned by marijuana has been growing. In Colorado, where medical marijuana has been legal since 2009, there have been more than a dozen cases. Just When You