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Addiction Research -Training Doctors on Addiction

upturned prescription bottle with pills spilling out onto prescription pad

Doctors throughout the country do not have sufficient training in recognizing addiction and ultimately prescribe painkillers like Oxycontin, Vicodin and Percocet to individuals who do not medically need them.

Prescription Overdose Death Outweighs All Other Drugs

As prescription drug overdose deaths are rising at an alarming rate the Obama administration is taking action to get control on whose hands prescription drugs fall into.

Can Suboxone Get You High?

Addicts have learned how to remove the naloxone ingredient from Suboxone which is the component that acts as an opiate blocker and prevent people from getting high off drugs like Oxycontin, and heroin.

Heroin Addiction Acts As Substitute for Prescription Drugs

Heron addiction is once again on the rise and believed to be so as it is a cheaper substitute to prescription drugs like OxyContin, Percocet and Vicodin.

Drug Addiction in a Bottle

In 2009 more people died from prescription drug overdoses then in car crashes. The centers for Disease Control states that 37,000 died in 20009 from accidental drug overdoses.

From the Medicine Cabinet To Heroin Addiction

For young adults heroin addiction can start as innocently as going into the parents medicine cabinet and experimenting with prescription drugs only to find themselves on the street searching for heroin as it is a less expensive and often easier drug for them to get their hands on.

Dealing with Opiate Addiction in Grand Rapids, Michigan

In Grand Rapids, Michigan so many people are in need of drug rehab for opiate addiction that it is putting a strain on the budget that the state had allocated to help individuals overcome addiction

Doctors Don’t Know Everything about Pain Pills

Without hep moderating prescription drugs addiction can settle in very fast. Most who suffer from chronic pain end up going to see a primary care physician and get prescribed some sort of prescription medication to alleviate their pain. If not watched closely prescription medication can quickly turn into an addiction.