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Orange County mayor addresses heroin epidemic

black and white young woman with head in hands seated on floor with back against wall contemplating heroin epidemic

The heroin epidemic is slamming hard into Florida. The overdose deaths of 84 Orange County residents in 2015 motivated Mayor Teresa Jacobs to testify on Capitol Hill. She talked about the wide reach of the opiate problem and how it’s affecting her constituents, citing the shocking fact that there are only 30 detox treatment beds

Heroin is Deadly, Accessible and Extremely Cheap

woman seated on floor with back against wall in fetal position worried about addiction

The opiate addiction curse is wreaking havoc on people’s lives throughout the United States. Despite reports confirming the death toll from the use of heroin and related drugs, people continue to use it. People who aren’t addicted often wonder why someone would continue to use heroin even though the risks are well known. The answer

Heroin Addiction Acts As Substitute for Prescription Drugs

Heron addiction is once again on the rise and believed to be so as it is a cheaper substitute to prescription drugs like OxyContin, Percocet and Vicodin.

From the Medicine Cabinet To Heroin Addiction

For young adults heroin addiction can start as innocently as going into the parents medicine cabinet and experimenting with prescription drugs only to find themselves on the street searching for heroin as it is a less expensive and often easier drug for them to get their hands on.

Finding a Drug Rehab Program in Mesquite, Texas

Many individuals who have struggled with addiction in Mesqite, Texas found it very helpful to leave their hometown to attend a drug rehab. They felt that that going to drug rehab outsiede of their hometown allowed them to avoid distractions and concentrate solely on the early recovery from addiction