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Heroin is Deadly, Accessible and Extremely Cheap

woman seated on floor with back against wall in fetal position worried about addiction

The opiate addiction curse is wreaking havoc on people’s lives throughout the United States. Despite reports confirming the death toll from the use of heroin and related drugs, people continue to use it. People who aren’t addicted often wonder why someone would continue to use heroin even though the risks are well known. The answer

Heroin Use On The Rise In Erie, Pennsylvania Area

Heroin Use On The Rise In Erie, Pennsylvania Area In the Erie region of Pennsylvania heroin abuse is once again on the rise. Packages that consist of one dose of heroin are now being sold between $20-$35. Experts report that younger people are now becoming more involved with the distribution and use of heroin.  In

Euclid, Ohio Struggles with Rising Addiction and Alcoholism

Heroin abuse is on the rise in Euclid, Ohio leaving many in need of drug rehab and addiction treatment. In addition as a result of tough economic times many have turned to alcohol as a form of self medication which has resulted in a rise of alcoholism.

Heroin Addiction in Ft. Worth, Texas

Over the past few years the amount of heroin abuse in Ft. Worth Texas has increased. Many who sought out help in Ft. Worth, Texas for drug and alcohol abuse found it very helpful to leave their hometown.