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New Residency for Medical Professionals to Specialize in Addiction

Ten various universities around the country are offering a one year program for doctors who have completed medical school and want to further their education and study the correlation between addiction and the brain while gaining a specialty in treating addiction.

One More Reason Not to Use Cocaine

As if cocaine wasn’t bad enough now it can cause a condition called purpura which are areas of dead skin that are crusty, purplish in color, extremely painful and capable of causing bad infections. The reason why cocaine is causing purpura is that it is commonly contaminated with levamisole, a de-worming drug that is used

Brooke Mueller Is Living Proof of How Powerful Addiction Is

Signs are showing that Brooke Mueller has relapsed again. Despite everything she may lose including her children Mueller seems unable to remain abstinent from drugs and alcohol. In order to overcome addiction she may need to re-enter into the safe and supportive environment offered by an addiction treatment program.

Addiction Help for the Hazelton, Pennsylvania Population

Hazelton, Pennsylvania is no different then anywhere else in that there are individuals who greatly suffer from the disease of addiction. Addiction to drugs and alcohol can literally take over someones life and bring them to their knees in desperation. Alcohol and drug rehab programs can be the start of a new beginning clear and free from chemical dependency.

Surfing for Addiction Treatment in Cocoa Beach, Florida

Cocoa Beach, Florida is a tourist town with plenty of drinking and partying going on year round. For some the party never stops and they end up suffering from the disease of addiction. In order to over come addiction many have found help through addiction treatment or drug rehab.