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Holiday and Alcohol Addiction Triggers

a group of businesspeople dressed for the holidays toasting at an office party

Now that the holidays are here more of us are getting invited and attending different holiday parties where alcohol is a part of the celebration. We cannot avoid all parties that alcohol may be at, so it is important to have a plan of action if you feel temptation creeping up. Our brains are really

Surfing for Addiction Treatment in Cocoa Beach, Florida

Cocoa Beach, Florida is a tourist town with plenty of drinking and partying going on year round. For some the party never stops and they end up suffering from the disease of addiction. In order to over come addiction many have found help through addiction treatment or drug rehab.

Prescription Addiction Epidemic in Westchester, New York

Even in area of the country like Westchester, New York drug abuse and alcoholism is a problem. The rise of prescription drug addiction in Westchester, New York has resulted many in seeking out professional help through addiction treatment.

Get Help for Addiction in Waco, Texas

When looking for drug addiction treatment in Waco, Texas it is going to be helpful to speak with an addiction specialist. It is essential to find inpatient treatment that is going to best meet the needs and wants of the individual suffering from drug addiction.

Drug Abuse Related to Crimes in Toledo, Ohio

Drug addiction is often related to crime. In Toledo,Ohio, the crime rate is much higher then the rest of the Ohio cities. Drug addiction and alcohol abuse will cause individuals to take whatever actions necessary in order to continue to fuel their addiction.