Opioid Epidemic Reaches The Quaint Suburban Communities

man on couch having discussion about opioids with woman who has turned away from him

With the opioid epidemic getting so much press these days, it’s getting harder for people to shrug it off and say “It could never happen here”. Wilton Connecticut is a small suburban area that is coming to terms with this fact. Local leaders are noting an increase in opiate addiction and death from complications due

Heroin is Deadly, Accessible and Extremely Cheap

woman seated on floor with back against wall in fetal position worried about addiction

The opiate addiction curse is wreaking havoc on people’s lives throughout the United States. Despite reports confirming the death toll from the use of heroin and related drugs, people continue to use it. People who aren’t addicted often wonder why someone would continue to use heroin even though the risks are well known. The answer

5 Ways to Have Sane Holidays in Recovery

a floured board with cookie dough rolled out featuring a rolling pin and holiday themed cookie cutters

5 Ways to Have Sane Holidays in Recovery The 2013 holiday season starts in earnest with Thanksgiving, a time fraught with peril and emotional landmines and triggers for someone in recovery. How can you get through it? Here are some tips for holiday survival that should last you from Thanksgiving through the New Year. 5

Recovery Anonymous?

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Recovery Anonymous? You have probably met former addicts and alcoholics in your life and probably didn’t know about. It’s usually not something people in recovery announce. Unless you knew someone while they were in active addiction, you wouldn’t know otherwise. There is almost an air of secrecy when it comes to recovery. Most people in