Taking Action and Making Change

the phrase ready for action with ready spelled out in blocks and for action written in chalk on the surface below

Taking Action and Making Change

The moment you realized your life was unmanageable was the day you knew you needed to make a change. You might have been afraid of this decision, but going to alcohol and drug rehab is the best way you can turn your life around. But things won’t change just by going to rehab. Making positive changes happens when you take action.

3 Steps for Success

Taking action to make positive changes in your recovery and life require more than just doing. You need a strategy. Here are some steps that help you make change possible.

  1. Gaining knowledge: When setting a goal, make sure you know what it means. Research to find out what it’ll take for you to achieve it and what challenges may arise. For example, if your goal is to be sober, you need to learn about your triggers and coping skills so you can achieve this goal.
  2. Planning: Taking the time to strategize and have a plan in place helps you get closer to your goal. For example, if you are invited to a party, plan to go with a sober friend, set a time to leave and have a full cup of a nonalcoholic drink in your hand the entire time you are there. If your cup is full, you are less likely to reach for an alcoholic drink. Think about all the areas of your life that need that kind of planning and adjustments, whether it’s going to a ballgame or hanging out at a friend’s place.
  3. Being consistent: If you are putting 110 percent of your effort, then continue doing so whether things are going well or not. If you try hard and are disappointed in a result, don’t give up. Being consistent with your planning and effort makes reaching your goals possible.

Wanting or wishing for change is not enough to make things happen. It takes personal responsibility and action to reach your goals and transform your life.