What is a Meth Addiction?

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Ice is a nickname for a dangerous drug called methamphetamine. Ice users are people who suffer from chronic addiction to this drug. These users can be a danger to themselves or others because of the unpredictable nature of the drug’s effects. Someone struggling with meth addiction often goes for days without sleeping or eating, and

The Prevalence of Business Professional Addiction

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For many years, there has been an assumption that drug addiction was the purview of degenerates. When asked to picture a drug user, people might conjure up an image of someone in an alleyway or dirty room, passed out on the floor. Someone who is poor and desperate enough to steal for their addiction. Someone

Why is Heroin Addiction Recovery Often So Challenging?

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Addiction can take many forms. Regardless of the type of addiction, the afflicted individual often finds themselves dealing with an overwhelming list of personal and physical problems. With that said, there is something particularly insidious about heroin and opiate addiction. The Dangers of Heroin Addiction There are two aspects of heroin that make it one

Recovery from Drug Addiction is the Sum of Small Efforts

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For most people dealing with an addiction to substances, recovery from drug addiction can be a daunting task. In a mind that seldom functions the way it should, the prospects of beating an addiction seem too far removed from the realm of possibility. That’s even applicable to those addiction sufferers who are ready to admit

Why is Alcohol Detox Instrumental to Recovery?

Detoxification from alcohol is the first step on the path toward recovery. An alcohol detox means completely stopping the consumption of any alcohol, which can be a challenging process. Withdrawal symptoms may be physical as well as psychological, so it’s important that alcohol detox is performed in a licensed treatment center. Although alcohol detox can

The Willingness to Change is a Key Ingredient to a Successful Recovery from Drugs and Alcohol

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Recovery from drugs and alcohol may seem impossible, but millions of people around the world have discovered that they can overcome their addiction. Not only can they overcome their addiction to drugs or alcohol, but they can also go on to live incredible lives. Many people who have been able to overcome their addiction to

The Importance of a Support System in Maintaining Sobriety

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The key to maintaining sobriety once treatment is completed by sticking with a support group. While you’re in treatment, you’ll begin to see the value of a support system. Although your one-on-one sessions with a therapist are very beneficial, it’s important to see that you’re not alone in your struggles with addiction. You’ll meet others who

Five Popular Myths About Addiction That Hinder Recovery

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When it comes to recovery, myths about addiction can be stumbling blocks for patients as well as their families. Many myths may have some small basis in facts or anecdotal evidence, but some are entirely false, posing a serious threat to those interested in recovery. By exploring five of the most common addiction myths; patients and

Prescription Drug Abuse is a Growing Problem for College Students

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Prescription Drug Abuse is a Growing Problem for College Students Part of being in college is learning to meet challenging deadlines. Learning to focus and study is critical to successful graduation. College is also a time when boundaries are tested and new experiences are sought. Stressful and challenging workloads coupled with little practice at time

Orange County mayor addresses heroin epidemic

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The heroin epidemic is slamming hard into Florida. The overdose deaths of 84 Orange County residents in 2015 motivated Mayor Teresa Jacobs to testify on Capitol Hill. She talked about the wide reach of the opiate problem and how it’s affecting her constituents, citing the shocking fact that there are only 30 detox treatment beds