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Vickie Gave Herself and Her Family the Gift of Recovery

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Vickie Gave Herself and Her Family the Gift of Recovery Three years ago I entered addiction treatment at Stepping Stone a broken woman who had suffered incomprehensible demoralization. I had gotten a DUI and had lost my job. I had had long-term sobriety and went to AA but that was not enough. I decided that my best hope

The Willingness to Change is a Key Ingredient to a Successful Recovery from Drugs and Alcohol

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Recovery from drugs and alcohol may seem impossible, but millions of people around the world have discovered that they can overcome their addiction. Not only can they overcome their addiction to drugs or alcohol, but they can also go on to live incredible lives. Many people who have been able to overcome their addiction to

Timeline of Your Recovery from Drugs or Alcohol and Your Body [Infographic]

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Once patients have committed to rehabilitation, one of the major questions about the process relates to the timeline of your recovery from drugs or alcohol. Recovery isn’t immediate, and it takes time and effort. With more than 40 million Americans meeting the clinical criteria for addiction, this question is repeated more than ever. Keep in