Being Your Own Best Friend in Recovery

young woman with head thrown back in a field as the sunlight streams through her hair

Being Your Own Best Friend in Recovery

You were on a self-destructive path, using alcohol and drugs to punish yourself. You convinced yourself that being happy just wasn’t in your cards; you didn’t deserve it. Now that you are in recovery, the guilt and shame of all your bad choices are overwhelming. You might even go as far as hating yourself. But it’s important to address these feelings if you want to be successful in recovery.

Steps to Loving You

No matter how many people support you in recovery, if you don’t believe in yourself, then you won’t be successful. It’s difficult to let your mistakes go and forgive yourself but when you do, you free up energy that can be used to work toward your goals. Here are a few things you can do to strengthen the most important relationship you have.

3 Tips for Strengthening Your Self-Worth:

  1. Recognize when you are judging yourself. Instead of being self-critical, focus on something positive about you.
  2. Address your needs. Believing that you don’t deserve peace and wellness in your life won’t get you anywhere. You are worth it!
  3. List your good qualities. You might think you don’t have any but you do. If you need help, ask your loved ones to help. The list will end up longer than you think.

Give Yourself a Break!

You have a long list of faults and mistakes and bad choices; but so does everyone else. Self-loathing does not help you move forward in your life. Believing in yourself and finding love for you helps you heal and gets you closer to successful addiction recovery.