Timeline of Your Recovery from Drugs or Alcohol and Your Body [Infographic]

Once patients have committed to rehabilitation, one of the major questions about the process relates to the timeline of your recovery from drugs or alcohol. Recovery isn’t immediate, and it takes time and effort. With more than 40 million Americans meeting the clinical criteria for addiction, this question is repeated

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Prescription Drug Abuse is a Growing Problem for College Students

Prescription Drug Abuse is a Growing Problem for College Students Part of being in college is learning to meet challenging deadlines. Learning to focus and study is critical to successful graduation. College is also a time when boundaries are tested and new experiences are sought. Stressful and challenging workloads coupled

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Orange County mayor addresses heroin epidemic

The heroin epidemic is slamming hard into Florida. The overdose deaths of 84 Orange County residents in 2015 motivated Mayor Teresa Jacobs to testify on Capitol Hill. She talked about the wide reach of the opiate problem and how it’s affecting her constituents, citing the shocking fact that there are

Opioid Epidemic Reaches The Quaint Suburban Communities

With the opioid epidemic getting so much press these days, it’s getting harder for people to shrug it off and say “It could never happen here”. Wilton Connecticut is a small suburban area that is coming to terms with this fact. Local leaders are noting an increase in opiate addiction

Heroin is Deadly, Accessible and Extremely Cheap

The opiate addiction curse is wreaking havoc on people’s lives throughout the United States. Despite reports confirming the death toll from the use of heroin and related drugs, people continue to use it. People who aren’t addicted often wonder why someone would continue to use heroin even though the risks