Why the Real Work Begins in an Aftercare Program

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It’s often said that getting sober is a lot easier than staying sober, and most people suffering from the disease of addiction know this to be true. Many individuals who come to treatment have either been to treatment before or have tried to get sober on their own. The key to staying sober is following

What are the Steps of Treatment for Heroin Addiction?

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In the world of illegal drugs, there are many facets of heroin addiction that make heroin one of the most dangerous substances out on the black market. Aside from the ease at which people become addicted to it, it has become more affordable and accessible, which has caused an increase in its popularity among most

3 Questions to Ask When Seeking a Drug Rehabilitation Center

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In order to successfully break free from an addiction, attending a drug rehabilitation center is key. With so many different options, it can be difficult to narrow down the choices and select the right center to help on the road to recovery. These are the three questions all prospective patients and loved ones should ask

What is a Meth Addiction?

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Ice is a nickname for a dangerous drug called methamphetamine. Ice users are people who suffer from chronic addiction to this drug. These users can be a danger to themselves or others because of the unpredictable nature of the drug’s effects. Someone struggling with meth addiction often goes for days without sleeping or eating, and

The Prevalence of Business Professional Addiction

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For many years, there has been an assumption that drug addiction was the purview of degenerates. When asked to picture a drug user, people might conjure up an image of someone in an alleyway or dirty room, passed out on the floor. Someone who is poor and desperate enough to steal for their addiction. Someone

5 Things to Look for in Alcoholism Treatment Centers

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Given the serious nature of dealing with addiction, it becomes absolutely necessary for those individuals who are afflicted with addiction to be diligent when trying to find a way out from under the thumb of drugs and/or alcohol. In most cases, the only viable solution is going to be through the full continuum of care

Why is Heroin Addiction Recovery Often So Challenging?

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Addiction can take many forms. Regardless of the type of addiction, the afflicted individual often finds themselves dealing with an overwhelming list of personal and physical problems. With that said, there is something particularly insidious about heroin and opiate addiction. The Dangers of Heroin Addiction There are two aspects of heroin that make it one

Recovery from Drug Addiction is the Sum of Small Efforts

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For most people dealing with an addiction to substances, recovery from drug addiction can be a daunting task. In a mind that seldom functions the way it should, the prospects of beating an addiction seem too far removed from the realm of possibility. That’s even applicable to those addiction sufferers who are ready to admit

12 Steps, One Giant Disappointment? Legitimate Alcoholic Treatment Starts with Detox

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In recent years, far too many people have had to learn the hard way that alcoholism is always a downward spiral. Once the disease takes hold of one’s body and soul, the only realistic way back from personal devastation and destruction is through alcoholic treatment from a professional drug and alcohol rehab facility. Trying Other