“I Need Help” Is The First Step To Treating Alcoholism

“I need help” needs to be admitted by those who struggle with alcoholism as it is a disease that is treatable as long as the suffering is willing to admit that they can not overcome their addiction without help.

Alcoholism Among Women Increasing

The amount of women who are drinking alcoholically in the United States is increasing. The increase of women who are struggling with alcoholism is causing an increase in the need for both intervention and alcohol treatment that is catered towards females. Studies show that women that grew up in the time period following World War

Brooke Mueller Is Living Proof of How Powerful Addiction Is

Signs are showing that Brooke Mueller has relapsed again. Despite everything she may lose including her children Mueller seems unable to remain abstinent from drugs and alcohol. In order to overcome addiction she may need to re-enter into the safe and supportive environment offered by an addiction treatment program.

Euclid, Ohio Struggles with Rising Addiction and Alcoholism

Heroin abuse is on the rise in Euclid, Ohio leaving many in need of drug rehab and addiction treatment. In addition as a result of tough economic times many have turned to alcohol as a form of self medication which has resulted in a rise of alcoholism.