Surviving the Holidays

drink in a martini glass with a santa hat on top

December is for Secret Santas, holiday parties and kissing under the mistletoe. What you may not know is that December is National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month. This month is dedicated to raising awareness of the consequences of driving under the influence. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 40 percent of car

The NFL and DUI: One and the Same?

three football players and a referee raising large glasses of beer in a toast

Why is it so hard to not drink and drive? That’s a question the National Football League is asking. Again. Josh Brent of the Dallas Cowboys was arrested last weekend for intoxication manslaughter. He was treated for minor injuries after an accident that killed his friend and teammate, Jerry Brown. Athletes who put themselves and

Depression and Alcoholism

silhouette of a man holding a liquor bottle with several more in front of him on a table illustrating the link between depression and alcoholism

Depression and alcoholism are one of the most common combinations of dual diagnosis today. According to the National Institutes of Health, an estimated 16.2 million adults in the United States had at least one major depressive episode. This number represented 6.7% of all U.S. adults. Many depressed people are unaware that alcohol only compounds their

Ladies, Beware of the Six-Letter Word

a group of young women at a bar smiling and raising their glasses in a toast

Ladies, Beware of the Six-Letter Word A fun night at that trendy restaurant or bar with the girlfriends won’t be complete without a drink or two or three. However, you may want to think twice about that having that second drink. According to a research study conducted by the National Cancer Institute, women drinking 14

Child of Addict Turns His Painful Past into a Game

closeup of hands on gaming controls

You play video games to disconnect from your reality. Most games allow you to slip into fantasy worlds with dragons and imaginary kingdoms or space adventures with frightening aliens and monsters. Vander Caballero, the creative director of Minority Media, took his past experiences and created “Papo & Yo,” a video game that takes you into

Labor Day Weekend: Kiss Your Summer Goodbye

glass of beer and beer bottle with barbecue and american flag

Labor Day weekend is the official end to summer and it is right around the corner. For this last celebration of summer fun, many people will grill one last time and share food and drinks with friends and family.  However, for some, their celebration may end in jail or worse. According to the National Highway

Help! Alcohol is Ruining my Marriage!

unhappy woman looking away from camera with blurred man in the background

When you have a problem with alcohol, the consequences don’t just affect your life but it equally affects your spouse and those around you. Even though your spouse may not drink, your drinking habits cause them a lot of stress. When alcohol is in the mix of your marriage, it can negatively change the way