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Stepping Stone Center for Recovery has provided you with a way to learn more about addiction through pictures paired with facts. Our topics are focused on the latest news, statistics and other information on addiction, alcohol and drug treatment and recovery from substance use disorders.  They are a great educational tool and a good way for quick and concise communication.


Understanding Common Dual Diagnosis Disorders [Infographic]

There is an undeniable link between mental health conditions and substance abuse. While there are many reasons for this, the primary one is that patients self-medicate. Unfortunately, this tends to make things worse. Identifying dual diagnosis disorders can be the key to recovery. Nearly 10 Million People in America Have

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Timeline of Your Recovery from Drugs or Alcohol and Your Body [Infographic]

Once patients have committed to rehabilitation, one of the major questions about the process relates to the timeline of your recovery from drugs or alcohol. Recovery isn’t immediate, and it takes time and effort. With more than 40 million Americans meeting the clinical criteria for addiction, this question is repeated

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Suicide and Addiction Infographic

Suicide and Addiction Infographic There is a correlation between addiction and suicide. Many people know suicide is related to depression, but substance abuse is another common element in people who commit suicide. Find out more information about suicide risk and completion and how it relates to addiction in our Stepping

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