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“I Need Help” Is The First Step To Treating Alcoholism

“I need help” needs to be admitted by those who struggle with alcoholism as it is a disease that is treatable as long as the suffering is willing to admit that they can not overcome their addiction without help.

National Recovery Month Beats Addiction By Example

September is National Recovery month. During the month of September there are gatherings and functions around the entire country that have the sole purpose of educating the public about the dangers of addiction.

Alcoholism Among Women Increasing

The amount of women who are drinking alcoholically in the United States is increasing. The increase of women who are struggling with alcoholism is causing an increase in the need for both intervention and alcohol treatment that is catered towards females. Studies show that women that grew up in the time period following World War

Is the Government Reverting Back to Old Addiction Treatment Methods?

The federal government is beginning to make a push to revert back to old methods of addiction treatment including less effective short term residential and outpatient programs as opposed to long term residential programs.

New Residency for Medical Professionals to Specialize in Addiction

Ten various universities around the country are offering a one year program for doctors who have completed medical school and want to further their education and study the correlation between addiction and the brain while gaining a specialty in treating addiction.

Addiction Struggles in Fairfax, Virginia

No different then any other area in the country addiction to drugs and alcohol is on the rise in Fairfax, Virginia. The best way to overcome an drug addiction or alcohol abuse is through the professional help of an addiction treatment center.

Getting the Best Addiction Treatment in Albany, Georgia

For those who struggle with addiction to drugs and alcohol in Albany, Georgia addiction treatment is likely going to be needed. When searching for the best addiction treatment center it is important to keep in mind that many found it extremely beneficial to leave there hometown so that they could concentrate all of their efforts on their recovery

Addiction on the rise in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania

In Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania addiction is on the rise which leaves an increasing need for addiction treatment and drug rehab. Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania is a small town which is why many who did recover from addiction found it beneficial to leave the confines of their home for addiction treatment.