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Is the Government Reverting Back to Old Addiction Treatment Methods?

The federal government is beginning to make a push to revert back to old methods of addiction treatment including less effective short term residential and outpatient programs as opposed to long term residential programs.

Coping with Depression and Addiction

If dual diagnosed with depression and addiction an addiction treatment center that specializes in treating individuals who struggle with dual diagnosis will be able to treat each disease independently giving the client the best chance at achieving long term sobriety.

Finding Out Where Focus Needs to Placed on Addiction

In an attempt to learn where the focus on drug and alcohol addiction needs to be the Obama administration has began to implement a tracking program that will determine how many people are going to addiction treatment and what they are going for.

Methadone Treatment Can Open Up Another Can of Worms

An individual trying to “kick” an opiate addiction with the use of Methadone is a story that is becoming more and more common. The problem is that Methadone is just as addictive and can lead to the same consequences as any other drug.

Brooke Mueller Is Living Proof of How Powerful Addiction Is

Signs are showing that Brooke Mueller has relapsed again. Despite everything she may lose including her children Mueller seems unable to remain abstinent from drugs and alcohol. In order to overcome addiction she may need to re-enter into the safe and supportive environment offered by an addiction treatment program.

Delray Beach, Florida is a Mecca of Recovery

Delray Beach, Florida has become a mecca of recovery for those struggling with the disease of alcohol and drug addiction. Many end up going to Delray Beach after addiction treatment as there is an abundant amount of support and other recovering addicts in the area.

Addiction and Crime in Youngstown, Ohio

Addiction and crime go hand in hand. Drug addiction and alcohol abuse take such control over an individuals inhibitions they will be willing to go to any length and means necessary to continue to feed their addiction.

Struggling with Addiction in Norristown, Pennsylvania

The disease of addiction and alcoholism does not discriminate. No matter how old, young, rich or poor anyone is capable of struggling with addiction. Norristown, Pennsylvania is a nice, respected town. However like any other town in the country it has its struggles with alcoholism and addiction.

Finding Help for Addiction in Richardson, Texas

Because of its close proximity to Mexico there is a large amount of drugs available in the Richardson, Texas area. Unfortunately this leads to an increasing need in addiction treatment. With the proper help and support recovering from addiction can be made possible.