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Staten Island Legend Murdered While Going out to Buy Marijuana in Staten Island, NY

DJ Megatron was on his way to pick up some marijuana in the early morning in the Staten Island, NY area when he was the victim of a senseless murder. DJ Megatron was a loving father and well respected man in his community who was well known for giving back.

Doctors Don’t Know Everything about Pain Pills

Without hep moderating prescription drugs addiction can settle in very fast. Most who suffer from chronic pain end up going to see a primary care physician and get prescribed some sort of prescription medication to alleviate their pain. If not watched closely prescription medication can quickly turn into an addiction.

Drug Addiction and Alcoholism in Alabaster, Alabama

Crystal Meth and heroin are abundant in Alabaster, Alabama. Both crystal meth and heroin are extremely addictive and potentially lethal. Once addicted to these drugs it is more then likely that the professional help provided by an addiction treatment center is going to be needed.