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Finding Detoxification and Addiction Treatment On The Same Grounds

Detoxification from drug and alcohol abuse should be followed by addiction treatment and the best chance at recovering from addiction is from a treatment facility that offers both on the same grounds.

Substituting Methadone For Other Drugs In Michigan Is A Dangerous Pitfall

Substituting methadone for other opiates like OxyContine or heroin is dangerous and likely to lead an individual down the same bumpy road. Substituting one drug for another will likely just cause an addiction to another drug. Alcohol and drug rehab is the best way to become completely free of chemical dependency.

Getting Over a Prescription Addiction in San Antonio, Texas

Prescription drug abuse in San Antonia, Texas is a growing problem. Drug addiction is a disease that is not easy to overcome. Drug addiction effects not only the suffering addict but his or her entire family. The best way to overcome addiction is through drug rehab or addiction treatment.