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Alcoholism Treatment

Finding Residential Treatment For a Drug or Alcohol Addiction

female group therapy participants in a residential treatment program

Struggling with addiction is challenging, but treatment can help patients take control of their lives. Trying to tackle a drug or alcohol addiction cold turkey, and without the help of trained medical professionals, it can be more difficult than it needs to be. Plus, it can often be ineffective. Finding residential treatment can be the

Alcoholism is Helping Decrease the Population

man passed out at table with spilling beer stein

In the article “Alcohol Diseases Double in 7 Years”, a study was done in England that indicated: 1.2 million people in England needing in-patient hospital treatment for alcohol-related cancers, liver diseases and poisoning in 2010-11. There have already been over 7,000 hospital admissions for young people under the age of 18 in 2011 that are

Miami Beach, Florida Offers Fun, Sun and for Some the Need for Help

While Miami Beach, Florida offers plenty of sun and fun it is also considered by many the drug capital of the world. With the rampant amount of partying and drugs in Miami, Florida many find themselves in need of addiction treatment and drug rehab.