Watch Your Speed, Casey Jones!

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The Grateful Dead’s song “Casey Jones” tells the story of a railroad engineer who is driving his train too fast, high on cocaine. Our society has produced many songs about the intense euphoria of cocaine but few highlights the negative aspects. Cocaine addiction can lead to many physical complications, including death.  Get help today before

Marijuana Addiction: Fact or Fiction?

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‘Puff, puff, give’ is the mantra of many a pot-smoking circle, but it doesn’t really give you anything except lack of motivation, increased appetite and zap your drive. It’s the great debate: Is marijuana addiction fact or fiction? This debate is ongoing among addiction counselors and potheads, and in drug rehab centers and society, alike.

Drug & Alcohol Abuse Resource Guide

a closeup of an upset prescription bottle with pills spilling out alongside a telephone receiver and a spilled glass of red wine next to the blurry portrait of a man

The abuse of drugs and alcohol is a major problem for millions of teenagers, adults, and families. Sadly, many teens begin using drugs or alcohol during adolescence and it can often lead to problems with addiction as an adult. The good news is that there are excellent educational programs, medical treatments and support systems available

A Love Affair with Heroin

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Can a drug be so powerful that you neglect your relationships, employment, and health to continue using? A love affair with heroin creates a false sense of security while stealing your life. Eventually, the relationship turns into a love/hate one and to stop using you have to enter a heroin drug rehab program. China White

Boundaries in Recovery

an older man engaging a confused younger man questioningly

When you were in active addiction, boundaries were blurred or nonexistent. The lack of boundaries in your life allowed others to manipulate, abuse and take advantage of you and even put you in harm’s way. This also led to codependent relationships, which continued to feed your addiction. Where Do Boundary Issues Come From? Your issues

Debunking the Myths of Prescription Drug Abuse

three prescription pill bottles tipped over with three different types of prescription pills spilling out into a pile

Prescription drug abuse is a big problem, but there are many misconceptions about these drugs. Although they are medicine, they can be misused and have terrible consequences. Thinking that prescription drugs can’t be abused can get you in trouble. These myths can keep you in denial, in addiction, and in danger. Here are five myths

Dangerous Drinking Trends

a confused looking young woman connected to an IV fluid bag that contains a bottle of wine

Young people are always finding ways to get drunk. Whether they are underage or of legal drinking age, it seems that they are looking to get drunk faster. The extreme drinking methods practiced to achieve a quick buzz seem bizarre and dangerous and may be growing in popularity. Below are six dangerous drinking fads that