The Anti-Addiction Pill vs. Substance Abuse Treatment

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The Anti-Addiction Pill vs. Substance Abuse Treatment Imagine how simple life would be if an anti-addiction pill were readily available. Such a pill would make it difficult to continue being an active user because the parts of the brain that are altered by drugs and alcohol would no longer be accessible to substances. In the

Alcohol Addiction and Alcohol Rehab

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Alcohol detox and inpatient alcohol rehab are essential in helping addicts regain control over their lives. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that the number of alcoholic liver disease deaths in 2009 was 15,183. This number continues to escalate over time. It is possible to stop the progression of alcoholic liver disease

The Anatomy of Pain and Addiction to Prescription Painkillers

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The Anatomy of Pain and Addiction to Prescription Painkillers You experience pain unrelated to a terminal medical condition and seek help from your primary care physician. Perhaps you suffered an injury or an illness that created neural sensitization or a heightened response from nerve endings. When there is neural sensitization, the brain and nerve cells

The Scourge of Heroin Addiction

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The Scourge of Heroin Addiction According to a World Health Organization (WHO) report on psychosocial and pharmacological treatment of opioid addiction and abuse, there are over 9 million people worldwide who abuse heroin. Another 8 million reportedly use other opiates. In another report, the WHO indicated that there was a global increase in the production,

Bath Salt Manufacturers Skirt the Law as Users Suffer Severe Reactions

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Bath salts, a form of synthetic stimulants, first became popular in Europe in 2009. By 2010, these Bath Salts had been eagerly sought after in the United States. Bath salts are not for the bath, as they are powerful, toxic chemicals that people snort, inject, smoke, or put in their food or drinks. The worst

Hookah, Tobacco and Addiction

There is a direct link between tobacco addiction and substance abuse. Now, an old-world manner of smoking has found its way through Europe and the United States. Everywhere you look, hookah cafes are popping up. It is a misconception that smoking tobacco from a hookah, a glass, metal, or ceramic water pipe, is safer than

5 Ways to Help Addicted Employees Get into a Drug Rehab Program

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A new study conducted by the University at Buffalo’s Research Institute on Addiction found that supervisor contact alone is not sufficient to stop employees from drinking or drugging while on the job. However, researchers found that if employees believed that supervisors would take corrective action if substance abuse was detected, drug and alcohol use at

Stress Management a Necessity for the Recovering Addict

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Stress Management a Necessity for the Recovering Addict Recovery depends on many things, not the least of which is managing stress. Individuals attending quality treatment programs may learn some stress management tools during a drug rehab program. There are many approaches to managing stress and, in most cases, a person will utilize more than one

Meth, Sex and Power

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At first, drugs can be seductive. But these good times lead to the unintended slavery, pain, humiliation, and degradation of addiction. Anyone can succumb to addiction. Once you are addicted, life as you know it stops and a haze of chaos reigns. You may find yourself doing things you never thought you would in order