Acts of Desperation Fueled by Alcohol Addiction

two bottles of Listerine on white backdrop

Acts of Desperation Fueled by Alcohol Addiction

In Wisconsin, a 23-year-old man stole two bottles of mouthwash from a local supermarket, but it wasn’t because he had an urge to keep his breath minty fresh, it was due to an uncontrollable urge to drink. His addiction to alcohol caused him to shoplift and drink an entire bottle of mouthwash, which contains approximately 27% of alcohol. This was an act of desperation to try to satisfy his craving for alcohol. Drinking a whole bottle of mouthwash might sound crazy, but if you are addicted to alcohol, you will do anything to satisfy your urge to drink.

Desperation Leads to Destruction

Alcoholism is a complex disease that can be dangerous and destructive. Although it may be obvious that drinking in excess is unhealthy, alcoholics may continue drinking regardless of the consequences. An alcoholic will usually attempt to kick the habit on their own and go through great lengths to avoid going to rehab to receive treatment; even though treatment for their alcoholism will help them break the cycle of addiction.

Finding Your Way Out

I’ll be honest, going through treatment is not easy as it will force you to look at things in your life, including your behavior and thinking patterns that may be difficult to face. You may have been trying to ignore these issues with the help of alcohol; however, drug and alcohol rehab is going to encourage you to face these things head on. At Stepping Stone, our caring staff will help you tackle these problems and will set you on the path of sobriety and healing.