The New Face of Stepping Stone Center for Recovery

By Karen Zaccour, Alumni Recovery Coach

Stepping Stone Center for Recovery has been undergoing a face lift over the last 6 months.  We adopted a new logo and this month patients will enjoy the newly remodeled sleeping quarters that will include 9 additional beds. No one seems to mind the construction since the outcome of an improved quality of living will benefit them in the long run.

It’s exciting to watch how each day something new gets added to Building 100, whether it be the new relaxing colors of the bedrooms, the carpet, or the modern look to the bathrooms, patients say the makeover helps them feel more at peace while in treatment.  Returning patients are impressed with the upgrades, they feel cared for and it reinforces that leadership values them and their treatment experience.

The new beautiful exterior is just now catching up with our admirable interior. Throughout these upgrades, we continue to keep the same comforting family feel to our community here at Stepping Stone. The excellence and care that staff offer to patients also continues to grow right alongside these cosmetic changes, enhancing Stepping Stone’s safe and nurturing community.

photo collage of remodeled spaces at Stepping Stone Center for Recovery