Alumni Program

When you enter Stepping Stone Center for Recovery, our commitment to your success goes beyond our drug rehab. We offer you extended care and support through our alumni program. Our alumni department wants to ensure that you have every opportunity to be successful and remain clean and sober. The only requirement for entry into our program is a desire to do so and that you have been to our drug rehab.

Most likely, you have been approached by staff at our drug rehab to sign up for the alumni program. If we missed you, please take the time to contact alumni coordinator Karen Zaccour or Rex Taylor.

Alumni Coordinator, Rex Taylor
Alumni Coordinator, Rex Taylor

Alumni Mission Statement

Stepping Stone Center for Recovery believes that alcohol and drug addiction is a treatable disease. Our site offers extended recovery support through educational materials, regular contact by alumni support staff, support group meetings, events and social networking sites for continued peer and staff interaction. Our staff is committed to the ongoing development of the alumni program and offers the tools you need for continued growth and development in recovery from addiction.

How You Benefit

We have structured our alumni program to make sure you are receiving the best quality support.

Our program offers you:

  • Phone follow-ups
  • Emails
  • Quarterly newsletters
  • Annual social events
  • Facebook
  • Webinars

Join Now

If you would like to stay up-to-date with the Stepping Stone Center for Recovery alumni program, please fill out the form below.