Medically Monitored Drug Detox

A drug detox is a medically assisted process of gradually removing one’s physical dependence on drugs. At the Stepping Stone Center for Recovery in Florida, we can administer detox medications to help reduce or eliminate withdrawal symptoms. We can ease the transition assuring that patients remain safe and comfortable.

Detoxification from drugs does not have to be an unbearable, or even an uncomfortable, experience.

Drug detox alone is not a solution to drug addiction. It does nothing to address the psychological dependence, nor does it address any of the underlying issues that may have caused the addiction. Once a patient has detoxed and has been medically stabilized, we can begin to work on complete drug rehabilitation. Our Florida drug rehab location makes it ideal for the healing process that you must go through in order to learn to live without drugs and alcohol.

Dangers in Going “Cold Turkey”

Heroin, cocaine, crystal meth, and prescription drugs are the most common addictions we treat and all have a powerful effect on the mind and body. These drugs immediately alter the brain neurons as well as the chemicals produced in the brain to create specific physiological responses. Once you become accustomed to these effects, suddenly stopping can create serious withdrawal symptoms that can be life threatening. A medical drug detox provides the opportunity to safely break clean from the physical and emotional dependence, and gives you an opportunity to recover.

Medical Treatment Eases Drug Withdrawal Symptoms

Our 24-hour medical staff of doctors and nurses in our drug detox center continuously evaluate your progress and administer the appropriate medications suitable for your condition. Most of our patients report being “comfortable” or “very comfortable” while going through our detox. We also provide medications to stabilize other physical symptoms, such as blood pressure and anxiety.

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