Inpatient Detox Treatment Program

Addiction to drugs and alcohol is a disease of the brain and the body. Drugs and alcohol change the mechanism of the brain’s function and, in turn, change the chemical responses throughout the entire body. Because of this scientific reality, drug and alcohol addiction goes well beyond one’s ability to “just say no.”

24 Hour Care at Our Detox Treatment Center

At Stepping Stone Center for Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida, our medically monitored detox is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The facility offers home-like, semi-private rooms and lounge areas to make the detox and stabilization process as comfortable as possible. Our team of addictionologists, psychiatrists, and nurses offer around-the-clock care as they closely monitor every aspect of a patient’s detox and alleviate any discomfort they experience. The multidisciplinary staff are experienced, licensed, and trained in medically supervised detox and addiction treatment. They are dedicated and compassionate about helping people recover from the debilitating disease of addiction, safely and comfortably.

Our Inpatient Detox Treatment Center offers:

  • Alcohol Detox – Detox from alcohol is severe enough to cause life threatening symptoms. We utilize the latest medications for a safe and comfortable detox.
  • Drug Detox (Opiates, prescription medication, heroin, cocaine, and more) – Depending on the type, the frequency of use and quantity taken, drug detox affects individuals differently. We understand that detox can be extremely uncomfortable, even painful, so we use proven medications to counteract any symptoms.
  • Integrative Treatment – Patients may come to Stepping Stone Center for Recovery for detox only, which is typically 5-10 days, or they may choose to stay longer for a full continuum of care to begin working on some of the mental and emotional therapeutic components necessary in addiction recovery. Whether a patient is with us 3 days or 35 days, all patients will being their recovery by participating in therapy groups, medical and/or psychiatric appointments, individual therapy appointments, and 12-step meetings. Additionally, our full-time chef and dietary team will provide nutritious meals and snacks to help properly fuel their body for recovery.
  • Case Management – Our Case Management services offer coordination of care and recommendations on lifestyle changes and preventive maintenance for a patient’s newfound sobriety. During the detox and stabilization process, a case manager begins to formulate an initial individualized recovery plan, and our medical team conducts a detailed biopsychosocial assessment to create a complete picture of your current state of physical, emotional, and social well-being. We work with patients to address and resolve logistics around issues such as court dates, Family and Medical Leave Act benefits, and any other necessary details. The multidisciplinary team at Stepping Stone Center for Recovery will work with the patient, family, and referring professional to set up follow-up services such as an inpatient or intensive outpatient program, an individual therapist, or family counseling as necessary.

Understanding Detox Treatment

Depending upon the amount and frequency of use, an individual with a drug or alcohol problem may require medically supervised detoxification. It is recommended that detoxification take place in a licensed medical detox treatment center. While there are a variety of places to go for detox treatment, such as a regular hospital setting or a facility that exclusively offers detoxification, the most comprehensive services are offered in a center with various levels of care and addiction treatment services.

This would allow for drug and alcohol rehabilitation and treatment services (which are always recommended) to follow detox. It also allows dual diagnosis treatment to address any mental health disorders, such as bipolar, anxiety, or personality disorders.

At Stepping Stone, a patient does not have to worry about finding the right treatment program to fit his or her diagnosis.

Our patients may work with case management for treatment after detox and stablization or they may seamlessly move through the five levels of care individually designed to treat their specific needs at Stepping Stone Center for Recovery.

According to TIP 45 (a publication from the government’s Center for Substance Abuse Treatment) “at least 300,000 patients with substance use disorders or acute intoxication obtain inpatient detoxification in general hospitals (more in other settings). Only 20 percent of people discharged from acute care hospitals receive substance abuse treatment during that hospitalization. Only 15 percent of people…admitted …through an emergency department, and then discharged, go on to receive treatment.”

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