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Personality disorders are a group of mental disorders characterized by thoughts or behaviors that deviate from cultural norms. There are varying types of personality disorder and they are typically grouped into clusters based on shared characteristics. The three main clusters are odd or eccentric disorders, dramatic, emotional, or erratic disorders, and anxious or fearful disorders. Personality disorders can cause negative consequences in an individual’s personal or work life, and can even cause functional impairment.

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Signs of Personality Disorders

  • Paranoia
  • Detachment or hostility
  • Sensitivity
  • Obsessive need for approval or attention
  • Disregard for the law or safety of oneself and others
  • Extreme mood swings or difficulty controlling emotions
  • Suicidal behavior

Effective Personality Disorder Treatment Starts in Drug Rehab

When an individual arrives at Stepping Stone Center for Recovery, he or she is assessed for mental health disorders that may coexist with addiction because both need to be treated properly. The simultaneous existence of an addiction and a psychological disorder is referred to as a dual diagnosis.

At Stepping Stone, we specialize in dual diagnosis and have effective treatment methods in place for personality disorders. Since there are many different personality disorders, an individualized course of treatment will be developed based on your particular needs.

Depending on a patient’s disease and its severity, he or she may be given medications under the supervision of a doctor. Medications are given to help alleviate or eliminate the symptoms of a mental disorder.

In addition to medical and psychological treatment, clients suffering from personality disorders may benefit from recreational therapy or meditation. A multidisciplinary approach is considered the most effective approach to treating co-occurring disorders. Our addiction specialists carefully balance treatment methods to provide a client with optimal care and a successful recovery.

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Stabilization Program

Around-the-clock medically-monitored detox under the care of licensed, on-site doctors and nurses.


Relapse Recovery Program

A highly focused program to address triggers and revitalize coping skills for long-lasting sobriety.



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