Flu Season: Are You Ready?

Although it is already the end of February, we still have one old threat about to hit us hard - again! Viral illnesses, like the Flu,  are classically quick to spread, and a lot of folks get them in a short period of time. Symptoms are particularly severe for the

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Alumni Spotlight: Katie

Katie, an alumna of Stepping Stone Center for Recovery, recently celebrated a year of sobriety and graced us with an interview. Her story is moving to say the least. If you are prone to goosebumps, or as you may have heard in the rooms, "God-bumps," prepare yourself. Her transformation is real and is

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Alumni Spotlight: Sean

My name is Sean and I have been struggling with drug addiction and alcoholism for about 12 years now. I went to Stepping Stone Center for Recovery in November of 2016. Before I got there, I was in bad shape; I was kicked out of my apartment, living in a

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Suggested Cognitive and Behavioral Modification Recovery Programs (Alternatives to 12 Steps)

Don't like 12 Step Groups? Here are some healthy alternatives! SMART Recovery: SMART (Self-Management and Recovery Training) Secular: LifeRing Secular Organizations for Sobriety (SOS) Women: Women for Sobriety (WFS) Individual, Self-directed: Rational Recovery Buddhist, Eastern Spiritual Practices, Non-Theistic: Refuge Recovery . Christian-Based: Celebrate Recovery Alcoholics Victorious Advocacy Young People in Recovery (YPR)

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Humble Pie, a Recipe for Addiction Recovery

Humility has a reputation for a few misconceptions. Some people think humility implies humiliated, liked to the term mortified, until they realize "humility" in the context of the serenity prayer, means to Accept the things we cannot change, the courage to change the things that we can, and the wisdom to know the difference.