General Treatment Guidelines

  1. Participation in all activities is expected.
  2. Patients may smoke in designated areas only.
  3. Any issue discussed in group therapy must remain confidential.
  4. No romantic involvement or sexual relationships will be permitted. “Pairing-off” with someone of the same or opposite sex is not allowed.
  5. Modest, conservative dress is required.
  6. Physical violence, threats, sexual harassment, or racial slurs will result in discharge from the program.
  7. No weapons, alcohol, or drugs.
  8. No music players, cell phones, or digital cameras.
  9. You are responsible for keeping your room organized and your bed made.
  10. Only recovery-related reading material is permitted. Magazines are not permitted.
  11. Hats or sunglasses are not permitted indoors.

The “Right” Time to Call Can be Any Time

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