Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center in Florida

We treat the whole person, the mind, body, and spirit, simultaneously at our state-of-the-art and top rated Florida drug and alcohol rehab location. Our multidisciplinary approach enables doctors and clinicians from different disciplines to coordinate patient needs in a comprehensive treatment plan.

In depth look at our comprehensive drug and alcohol rehab program:

  • Levels of Care – Stepping Stone is licensed to provide 5 levels of care which generally run from inpatient drug and alcohol detox, inpatient drug and alcohol rehab, to a more flexible intensive outpatient program.
  • Multidisciplinary Treatment Approach – We draw from a variety of professional and medical fields providing a well-rounded and comprehensive treatment experience. For example, a psychiatrist will evaluate the psychological functioning of the mind, a doctor will assess the physical body, a family therapist will address family dynamics, and a nutritionist will review eating habits.
  • Spirituality – A much overlooked and important component of treatment is spirituality. At Stepping Stone we provide you the tools and guidance to explore your spirituality.
  • Aftercare – Proper aftercare planning will ensure long term sobriety. We help you plan your transition home and any continued support such as counseling, psychiatric services, sober living and much more.
  • Treatment Schedule – Take a look at what happens in a typical week of drug and alcohol rehab.

That only touches the surface of a addiction treatment plan. 12-step meetings work to reinforce healthy social interactions and the development of a spiritual approach to sobriety. Only as each individual element of a patient is addressed can the whole person heal.

Advantages to Going to Stepping Stone Drug and Alcohol Rehab

  1. A Safe and Comfortable Medical Detox

    Letting go of drugs and alcohol can be a scary thought. The last thing we want you to worry about is an uncomfortable withdrawal period. At  Stepping Stone Center for Recovery in Florida, we have an on-site medical detox treatment unit where our doctors will, with the use of medication, safely and comfortably remove drugs and alcohol from your system.

  2. A Program for Dual Diagnosis Disorders

    We specialize in treating dual diagnosis conditions. Often patients do not know they are suffering from addiction and a co-occurring mental health disorders, such as depression or bipolar disorder. While struggling with addiction, these mental health problems often go undiagnosed and untreated. Sometimes drugs and alcohol bring on a mental health disorder, other times the disorder is the cause for the addiction.

    Accurate diagnosis and treatment is important if a patient is to maintain sobriety.

  3. Individualized Treatment

    There are thousands of reasons you may have become addicted to drugs or alcohol, all of which are important. Once we completely and thoroughly assess your condition, we will write a treatment plan that addresses your unique needs. This may include: special detox needs, physical rehabilitation, or dual diagnosis treatment.

  4. A Licensed and Nationally Accredited Program

    The Joint Commission, the nation’s leader in setting health care standards, not only credits us, but also awards us their Gold Seal of Approval. You can feel confident choosing a licensed and accredited program that has passed extensive on-site reviews and continued monitoring by an objective third party.

  5. A Staff Dedicated to Patient Recovery

    Our people are passionate about recovery, especially considering many of them are recovering from addiction themselves. They understand what you are going through. From the program director to our support technicians, you will find genuine support, compassion, and a real desire to see you succeed. It is a personal matter!

  6. Support and Treatment for the Whole Family

    We provide sessions for families to help heal.  We work with you and your family to discuss addiction, past traumas, personal boundaries, and other destructive family dynamics. The family unit and the individual members of the unit must all work toward recovery.

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