Why is Heroin Addiction Recovery Often So Challenging?

Addiction can take many forms. Regardless of the type of addiction, the afflicted individual often finds themselves dealing with an overwhelming list of personal and physical problems. With that said, there is something particularly insidious about heroin and opiate addiction. The Dangers of Heroin Addiction There are two aspects of

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5 Reasons You Should Go To Rehab

There are many misconceptions about why you are using drugs. Some of these misconceptions can actually keep you from seeking treatment. Knowing how to approach your faulty thinking can help you move forward and get the help you need. Reason 1:  You can’t stop any time you want. Sometimes willpower

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Why is Alcohol Detox Instrumental to Recovery?

Detoxification from alcohol is the first step on the path toward recovery. An alcohol detox means completely stopping the consumption of any alcohol, which can be a challenging process. Withdrawal symptoms may be physical as well as psychological, so it’s important that alcohol detox is performed in a licensed treatment

The Willingness to Change is a Key Ingredient to a Successful Recovery from Drugs and Alcohol

Recovery from drugs and alcohol may seem impossible, but millions of people around the world have discovered that they can overcome their addiction. Not only can they overcome their addiction to drugs or alcohol, but they can also go on to live incredible lives. Many people who have been able

The Importance of a Support System in Maintaining Sobriety

The key to maintaining sobriety once treatment is completed by sticking with a support group. While you’re in treatment, you’ll begin to see the value of a support system. Although your one-on-one sessions with a therapist are very beneficial, it’s important to see that you’re not alone in your struggles with

I Went to Rehab for a Drug Addiction, Can I Drink Alcohol?

Drug addiction is a very cunning disease, and it’s the only disease where the mind doesn’t want you to get better. Whether you were abusing prescription painkillers, benzodiazepines, meth, heroin, cocaine or any other drug, drug addiction affects everyone in the same way. While you’re in treatment, not only will