Does Insurance Pay for Drug Rehab in Florida?

Can I Afford Rehab?

What price would you pay for your health and getting sober and clean? This is a great question to ask yourself. Most people are not willing to make the financial investment to better themselves, yet spend so much money on getting drugs and alcohol. Are you one of the addicts who has to hit rock bottom, before getting a clear perspective on just how valuable drug rehab really is?

Sending an addict to drug treatment offers relief that he or she is safe for the first time in a long time.

Many people see Stepping Stone Center as priceless because it is the only detox and rehab program that really has lasting effects. This gift of life unfortunately does have a price tag. As you consider making plans to enter drug rehab, you may be worried that you’ll never be able to afford the treatment. Stepping Stone Center’s admission counselors will help you with financial options for going to treatment.

Stepping Stone Center offers two primary payment options for treatment services.

  1. Major Health Insurance – Accepted: Stepping Stone Center works with most major insurance companies as an in-network provider. That means that you will have to pay a copay and/or deductible along with your insurance, covering detox treatment and drug and alcohol rehab costs. Call any of our admission counselors and discover right away if you’re prequalified. Know what your out-of-pocket expenses are and what your insurance will cover. It’s just good to know that you have nothing else financially to worry about. One call is all it takes to start the prequalification process.
  2. Payment Plans, Credit Cards, Check: Health insurance pays for most of your treatment, but can vary based on the plan you have. All you do is answer a brief series of questions about your insurance coverage and the payment alternatives you’d like to use and they take care of the rest.

Stepping Stone Center’s admission staff will contact your insurance company to prequalify you and handle all of the financial worries for you. Know for sure what your expenses will be and just how much of your treatment is covered. All of your payments will be confirmed and scheduled prior to entering our program. The relief of knowing that this piece will be taken care of frees your mind to focus on recovery. The process is simple and easy.

To start the prequalification process now, call our Drug Rehab Treatment Hotline at 866-957-4960.