Assessment for Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Initial Intake Assessment

Upon arrival, one of our nurses will conduct an initial assessment before introducing you to our medical director, a board-certified physician specializing in addiction medicine. The purpose of this initial assessment is to determine what substances are being abused, the length and frequency of use, any prior treatment, and other medical conditions. We pass this information to the medical director for further review.

Medical Examination

After reviewing your information, the physician will perform his own addiction assessment and provide you with a comprehensive physical examination. If you require detoxification from drugs or alcohol, we will design a program to minimize or eliminate withdrawal symptoms. We will also address any other medical issues at this time.

Psychiatric Assessment

Lastly, you will see our psychiatrist to discuss any mental health issues. If it is determined during the initial clinical assessment that a psychiatric disorder is present, you will see our board-certified psychiatrist both while in detox and directly after completing detox.

In many cases, patients are completely unaware a mental health problem even exists. It is our belief and experience that a patient who completes treatment without having the co-existing disorders treated concurrently is destined to end in relapse. For this reason, the staff at Stepping Stone receives extensive training and education in cutting-edge drug addiction, alcohol addiction, and dual diagnosis treatment services.

The time to focus on recovery begins in detox. It is strongly recommended that treatment immediately follow detox, as detox alone will not halt drug abuse.

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The First Phone Call is the Hardest

If you have a problem with drugs or alcohol, take the first step and call our Addiction Helpline at 866-957-4960. Stepping Stone’s Admissions Coordinators will answer any questions you have about getting help. If you prefer, you can also reach us by “Live Chat” or through our Contact Us form.