PCP Addiction Treatment

PCP is a hallucinogen, a substance that causes the user to disassociate or disconnect from their surroundings. The effects of PCP are different from those of LSD or heroin. PCP is used because it makes the user feel as if his or her mind is disconnected from the body and alters sensory perceptions. It is found in pill or powder form and can be snorted, smoked, or injected. For smoking, it is often applied to a leafy material such as kitchen herbs or marijuana.

Stepping Stone Center will detox your body and mind of PCP in drug detox treatment so you can have a clear fresh start in the rehab phase of treatment. You will have a smooth transition into our drug rehab program where you will learn to live life without using PCP.

Symptoms and Side Effects of PCP Addiction

Signs of PCP use include detachment from the environment or one’s self, distorted perceptions of sight and sound, hallucinations, paranoia, flicking up and down of the eyes, drooling, distorted thinking, feeling of invincibility, anxiety, severe mood distortion, flushing, profuse sweating, loss of coordination, memory loss, difficulty thinking or speaking, and weight loss.

PCP users often act upon the suicidal thoughts caused by the substance. Also, the feeling of invincibility gained from use has reportedly made individuals think they can fly or float, causing them to jump from buildings or ledges and suffering horrible consequences. People under the influence of PCP should be carefully supervised to prevent accidents from happening.

Long-term PCP use is associated with depression, difficulty with speech and thinking, extreme weight loss, mood disorders, and coma.

The drug’s ability to cause violent behavior can lead to criminal charges, domestic abuse, and assault. Furthermore, PCP abusers can become withdrawn from family, friends, and society, lose financial stability, and lose employment.

You do not have to continue the nightmare that is PCP abuse and addiction. We have a medically based detox and treatment program that can help you now.

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