Marijuana Addiction & Dependence Treatment

Marijuana is derived from the hemp plant, Cannabis sativa. It is recognizable as a dry, shredded, green and brown mix of flowers, seeds, stems, and leaves. It is typically smoked in pipes or marijuana cigarettes. The drug can cause relaxation, euphoria, and a carefree attitude. Marijuana is a popular drug among teenagers and is often labeled a “gateway drug,“ meaning that its use may lead to the use or abuse of drugs that are more dangerous.

With several states in the US changing the legal status of marijuana, there has been an increase in social acceptance of marijuana. Despite these developments, over-dependence of marijuana is still an issue in many individuals, especially those suffering from co-occurring disorders often associated with marijuana addiction. Treatment is available at Stepping Stone Center for Recovery. You can set yourself free from depending on marijuana and find new, more productive ways to chase the same kind of high.

Stepping Stone Center will detox your body and mind in drug detox treatment so you can have a clear fresh start in the rehab phase of treatment.  You will have a smooth transition into our drug rehab program where you will learn to live life without using marijuana.

Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms and Signs of Abuse

Marijuana’s effects include distorted perceptions, memory impairment, difficulty thinking, difficulty solving problems, impaired coordination, slowed reaction time, fatigue, paranoia, dilated pupils, bloodshot eyes, fluctuating emotions, fragmented thoughts, disorientation, and vivid sensory perceptions.

Paraphernalia associated with the drug includes cigarette rolling papers and pipes.

Long-term marijuana use can lead to mental health problems such as psychosis, and health problems such as lung problems (chronic cough, bronchitis, or emphysema), insomnia, difficulty learning, and impaired short-term memory.

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Marijuana use may lead to an inability to maintain employment or stay in school, arrests for DWI or DUI, car accidents due to the drug’s ability to slow reaction time, diminished ability to function socially, or abuse of other drugs.

Learn more about marijuana addiction from the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy.

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