Substance Abuse & Addiction Treatment

Every addictive substance is different, producing its own effects on the brain and body. Because of these differences, addiction treatment and detox for each case of substance abuse varies. At Stepping Stone Center for Recovery in Florida, we have medically based detox units to accommodate different drugs types and withdrawal as well as personalized treatment plans to help patients overcome their addiction.

Please note: These are just some of the more common addictions we treat. There are dozens of addictive substances with which we can help. We also diagnose and treat co-occurring disorders, such as depression or anxiety disorder. For more information about the complete range of what we treat, please contact an Admissions Coordinator at 866-957-4960.

Due to its easy availability and legality, alcohol is a commonly abused substance. Chronic alcohol abuse as well as mixing it with other drugs can lead to severe health complications.

Cocaine and Crack Cocaine
Cocaine, one of the most popular street drugs, is a highly addictive stimulant. It is even more addictive in its freebase form, crack.

Crystal Meth
Crystal meth is a dangerous and extremely addictive street drug. Its potency and reliability vary widely due to its manufacture in small home labs.

Heroin, an illegal opiate, has a high potential for addiction and dependency. Detox and treatment from the drug should be supervised by addiction treatment professionals.

Prescription Drugs
Even if they are prescribed for a medical reason, prescription drugs can be habit forming. They have a wide range of effects, each of which needs to be handled differently during treatment.

Ecstasy is a popular drug in the “rave” or all-night dance party scene. The substance increases body temperature and can cause overheating or heatstroke, especially if the user is in a hot, crowded setting such as a club.

LSD, also known as acid, is a hallucinogen generally taken in the form of small paper squares soaked in the substance called “tabs.” Years after a person’s last use, he or she can experience a dangerous and uncomfortable “flashback.”

Marijuana is the most commonly used drug, especially among teenagers and young adults. Often called “the gateway drug”, its use often leads to the use or abuse of other illegal drugs.

PCP is a dangerous drug, particularly because of actions users take when they are under its influence. The drug produces feelings of invincibility. As a result, PCP users have high rates of suicide and accidental death.

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